The new Configure-Price-Quote module for Odoo ERP and webshop.

Easily configure and manage complex products. 

Gain business speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Powerful product configuration tool for all levels of product complexity.

  • Universal: any product, any specification
  • User-defined Python objects store specifications
  • Look and feel of a development environment
  • Dynamic designer for input forms on front-end (website) and back-end

Workflow automation benefits.

Speed, accuracy, efficiency. CodeCPQ: enables on-the-fly creation of 

  • Price quotes and sales documents
  • Drawings / CAD
  • Bills of material (BoM) 
  • Purchase orders

One repository for all product information.

  • Powerful, error-free data consistency 
  • Easy and efficient product management
  • Backend modifications are instantly visible in the front-end/website
  • Highly automated Odoo integration

Deep integration with Odoo.

  • The CodeCPQ: setup as a regular Odoo module means immediate processing on the same server
  • High performance: no SaaS, no interfaces required

Ideal for Odoo experts and their business development.

  • Odoo partners can expand existing end-user accounts and serve new market segments
  • Odoo end-users can manage products themselves

Discover the CPQ features in CodeCPQ

  • Build and manage all aspects of how a product can be configured directly in Odoo ERP backend
  • Easily handle any degree of complexity with your product configuration
  • Efficiently manage large numbers of product variants 
  • Create Python objects to specify and describe the products that define all variables, attributes, parameters and other data
  • No need for database programming nor website design
  • With the Input Form Builder, code dynamic front-end input forms that adapt to end-user entries
  • Choose from a large variety of form control elements for your front-end forms: input text area, drop-down, radio button, selection menus with images, color selectors etc.
  • Visualize product shapes on the front-end with 2D or 3D objects that update dynamically

  • Dynamically calculated front-end prices: triggered by user input, defined by the product configuration
  • The back end user can define price rules via Python formulas or algorithms: price/quantity scale
  • Price components can be pulled from various Odoo product data sources
  • Instant price updates via server-side calculations in each responsive cycle
  • Advanced discount options: quantity, product conditions, etc.
  • Use API requests via webservices to include up-to-date information

  • Generate complete and fully branded quotes from the webshop (front-end) user input
  • Personalize quotes based on user information and input
  • Pull extra product information from the product repository to complete the quote document
  • Users can directly trigger quote generation - no staff involvement or manual back-end handling needed
  • Provide download options for PDF's and 2D or 3D product visualizations as attachment to the quote
  • The webshop cart and the sales offers containing CPQ products are fully integrated into the Odoo framework.

Apart from the main CPQ features, CodeCPQ offers many more features, such as 

  • FreeCAD object generation
  • Custom SVG image generation
  • Custom PDF generation
  • Workflow automatization
  • Purchasing and production connectivity (e.g., generation of purchase orders and Bills of Materials)
  • Full integration into Odoo: CodeCPQ is a regular Odoo module, runs on the same server as Odoo, no need for SaaS or interfaces
  • High-speed performance: typical response time is ~.1 seconds per configuration
  • Additional powerful features for the existing product structure and configuration
  • Use of the same configuration scheme for multiple products
  • The back-end user can include Python code in code snippets as a kind of development environment
  • The back-end allows Odoo experts to handle products without modifying the module code

Grow your business with CodeCPQ:

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