CodeCPQ API Integration.

Integrate data from all kinds of data sources via API.

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The API Integration is a powerful tool to create API calls and thus interface with all kinds of web services. Use the responses directly in the CPQ response cycle or for downstream document creation.

Universal data interface available for CPQ

Use the API feature to post data into any API, or get data from there. The API response can then be used within the code snippets accessable from the back end. Advanced Python and Internet skills are required here.

Up-to-date information usable for the configuration of products

The API interface in CodeCPQ can be used to obtain current data provided by a web service over the intranet or the Internet using REST API (or RESTful API). Automatically create up-to-the-minute online store listings or offers where necessary.

FAQ: CodeCPQ API Integration.

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An application programming interface (API) allows two or more computer programs to communicate with each other, following an exactly defined protocol.

The API call response can be converted to an object, which can then be used inside the Python snippets.

Yes, you can use all the default API methods.

Examples of API queries for CPQ configuration of products:

  • Using supplier web services to query prices or availability of products.
  • Querying currency exchange rates to convert prices
  • Query of world market prices via the Internet, e.g. of raw materials such as gold, silver
Waiting for the API response makes CPQ configuration slow. How can I deal with this issue?

You can specify that the API query is performed only at defined time intervals. For this purpose, the API response and the query time stamp must be stored as an attribute in the cpq object.

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