Create 2D and 3D CAD Objects.

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With the Create CAD Objects functionality, 2D and 3D images of the configured product can be integrated.

Visualize product design with dynamic 2D and 3D objects

Product values can be used to generate CAD objects in the FreeCAD object format. They visualize solids and parts right in front of the customer, thus facilitating product configuration and conceptual designing.

Rebuild on each response cycle

Based on the current product attributes selected by the user, the CAD objects rebuild on each response cycle, and the product visualization regenerates accordingly. In this sense, CodeCPQ acts as a design automation tool, using Python functions to build CAD objects.

Several different object formats

Three basic formats can be used to formulate 2D and 3D objects in the CodeCPQ module: OBJ, DXF, and STEP. OBJ assists users in processing a 3D model surface with complex or simple geometric shapes. Various drawing elements are represented within a DXF file. The STEP format is often used for selling, manufacturing, and designing a commodity.

Download and zoom options

Users can download and zoom in on the 2D / 3D object of a displayed product, e.g., to analyze the product features. Options to download in DWG, STEP, and DXF formats ensure easy file export for further processing.

FAQ: CodeCPQ CAD Objects.

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Using the FreeCAD module, you can create any CAD object with the .obj, .stl and .dxf formats. You need to know how to implement and use the FreeCAD module.

In general, CAD automation in the CPQ module is not limited to FreeCAD. However, the 2D or 3D modeling software must meet the following requirements: It must be able to run on the server where Odoo is installed, and the object modeling must be able to be programmed with Python commands. You can integrate such solutions yourself. We are happy to help. Furthermore, we plan to offer such integrations in future versions of the Odoo module CodeCPQ.

Each time a relevant CPQ parameter value in the input form changes, a new response cycle is triggered. Then the Python code intended for generating the CAD drawing is also executed. Finally, the CAD object is recreated and displayed with the updated values.

Are the mouse events enabled on the viewer?

Yes, mouse events are enabled both on the viewer and also the zoom viewer.

Yes, FreeCAD can also convert the modeled object to WebGL format. In the CodeCPQ module is also prepared the display of a WebGL graphic to be moved with a mouse or the touchpad in a window. This technical solution requires the installation of additional software and a certain amount of customization.

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