CodeCPQ Product Bills of Material.

Create the custom BoM straight from the configured product in the sale order.

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Once the sales order gets placed, the resulting Bills of Materials are generated immediately. Required components and associated quantities are computed directly from the chosen product configuration.

Parameterizable BoM based on the product configuration

The BoM's are dynamically generated for each order item, and use the respective configuration values. The BOM data, e.g. the price or the quantity, can be determined by a formula or by Python code.

Auto-calculate quantities

Using simple Python functions and arithmetic solutions, component quantities can be calculated and added to the component list. Mathematic expressions to assign values can contain the variables from the input form.

Bill of Materials based total prices determined by configuration

Stored individual prices of the product components allow the calculation of the total price via the BOM.

Bill of Materials fully programmable by Python code

Python code snippets can be inserted at each BOM level to help build modular BOMs very flexibly.

Supports various types of Bill of Materials

Single-level and multilevel Bills of Materials are supported: Manufacturing Bill of materials (MBOM), Engineering bill of materials (EBOM), Configurable bill of materials (CBOM), Modular BOM.

Automatic generation of drawings and PDFs for component products by configuration values

Data of the product configured with CodeCPQ can also be used for automatic generation of drawings and PDFs of component parts. This feature acts like the inheritance of attributes within the hierarchical Bill of Material (BOM) structure.

Inheritance-like functionality for product properties through the BOM structure

​Python code snippets added to the BoMs enable the product properties defined according to customer requirements to be available for the complete BOM structure and all product components. This works like product property inheritance.

FAQ: CodeCPQ Product Bill of Materials.

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A bill of materials (BOM) is a record containing all the component parts, materials and processes required to produce a product. A BOM can detail how a product is made, and the exact quantities of components required.

Without parameterization the structure of a BOM is rigid, to adapt it the positions and quantities have to be changed manually.
With the help of parameterization, the quantity of a BOM item can be defined not only by a fixed number, but by a formula containing variables or even by a program code (algorithm). In this way, complete BOMs can be calculated very quickly. Manual adjustments of the BOM are not necessary.

How can I create a BoM in Odoo ERP?

Please select Manufacturing in the main menu. Then select Products | Bills of Material. 
Here you can create and edit a base BoM for a selected product. By adding Python code you can parameterize the BOM and use it for many different product specifications (product variants, product attributes and product parameters).

No, not necessarily.
CodeCPQ lets you calculate prices based on a bill of materials, but you can also easily determine prices using a formula or algorithm. You have full flexibility with CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote).

There is a field named BoM Condition for each BoM line. You can define a logical arithmetic expression. If it is True at the time of BOM calculation, the corresponding BOM item will be used. If this value is False, this BOM item will be deleted, thus shortening the BOM. 
With this procedure you can, for example, create a BOM for a product template that contains subproducts according to the selected configurable attributes.

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