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Custom Discount is a dynamic, condition-based price reduction that can be offered on the front-end in real time. Like a custom price, it can be calculated with code.

Discounts for single products and product categories

Discounts can be defined for a specific product or a whole category. Either kind of discount is defined the same way inside the CodeCPQ module.

Formula-based discounts, including product quantity

Discounts can not only be based on the front-end input values for the product attributes, but also on other data. For example, quantity discounts are based on product quantity, customer-specific discounts on the customer or customer segment.

FAQ: CodeCPQ Custom Discounts.

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Custom discounts are quite similar to the default pricelist feature in Odoo, but offer greater flexibility. The discounts can be created with any custom algorithm and any product attribute defined in the CPQ form.

Yes, a discount can be based on product quantity as an attribute defined within the CPQ form.

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