CodeCPQ Dynamic PDF Creation.

Quickly generate high-quality documents that match the product configuration.

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Dynamic PDF Creation supports the flexible creation of PDF documents without the use of traditional XML structure otherwise required in the Odoo standards.

Create a PDF on the fly

Create a pdf file using Python code inside the CodeCPQ module. PDF specifications can be  changed, and product information can be included in the document.

Load configuration components into the PDF

Easily insert printable elements of the product configuration into the PDF, such as dynamic SVG images. High-resolution custom images for the selected configuration can be generated and included as well.

Enrich workflows and documents with PDF

Add PDF documents that match the configured product to the sales order, the Bill of Material items, and the purchase documents.

FAQ: CodeCPQ Dynamic PDF Creation.

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You will need the Python reportlab module to generate custom PDF documents.

Where can dynamic PDF creation be used?

Typically, custom PDF documents are used as part of sales, purchasing and production workflows. The CodeCQP dynamic PDF documents are automatically linked to their respective sales order.

Yes, the PDF documents created with the reportlab module are fully customizable. You have full control over the structure of the document and the data it contains. Images can be freely positioned inside the documents. 

Note that this requires programming skills.

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