CodeCPQ Dynamic Product Texts.

Product information that fits the configuration

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Dynamic Product Texts are additional bits of information that can be displayed along with the configuration fields and images on the front-end, the back-end and generated documentation like the quote and custom pdf documents.

Custom front-end sales texts

The CPQ module accepts custom sales texts in its Python snippets that are then displayed during the product configuration, whether this happens on the front-end or the back-end. According to the programming in the back-end, the custom sales texts can be automatically included sales documents like cart summary and  sales order.

Dynamic texts in documents and Odoo workflows

Using back-end programming, product texts, product attributes and other input of the product configuration can be edited flexibly and inserted in all document workflows and all data controlled by CodeCPQ.

Create information-rich quotes quickly

Dynamic product texts are ideal for convincing your customer of the configured product, e.g., as part of a comprehensive sales quote.

FAQ: CodeCPQ Dynamic Product Texts.

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You need to add translations for the text components in the Tab Build Object > Text Variables..

Simply use Python commands in the Tab Prepare Request > Generate Descriptions, e.g.:

configuration_text1 = "Width: " + str(cpq.width) + " mm"

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