CodeCPQ Dynamic Purchase Orders.

Synchronize sales events and stock management via purchase orders from sale orders.

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The Dynamic Purchase Orders ​feature in CodeCPQ creates an automated workflow from sales to purchasing. Trigger purchase orders with the click of a button.

One-click Purchase Order

For each sales order, easily create a corresponding sale order with just one button click. Based on data provided for the configuration, the purchase order will be automatically populated, and will be created for the specified vendor for the product.

Easy stock management

Purchase orders allow users to easily manage product stock levels. For each sales order, the required resources for the corresponding product can easily be procured by creating a purchase order from that sale order.

A good business idea: let customers configure your supplier's products

Business Idea Proposal: If your supplier offers complicated products, you can build a CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) website to sell products configured perfectly according to customer requirements. Send perfect product descriptions or drawings to your supplier.

FAQ: CodeCPQ Dynamic Purchase Orders.

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Can the purchase order line be customized?

There is a separate tab for configuring the purchase order details in the CPQ backend form. Add the purchase details for the corresponding product within that tab, and this data will be used to generate the purchase order.

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